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Maria Valdivia

Maria Valdivia

Medicine Woman and Indigenous Healer

Sacred Ibiza Sisterhood - members of our most loved and trusted sacred Ibiza sisterhood will also be weaving their magic to hold space for your journeys.

Maria comes from the Mapuche lineage of the Chilean Andes. She is well respected in the community as a medicine woman who really cares, is rooted, compassionate, strong & kind.

Maria works with components of nature, because the main foundation is that every cure can be found in the simplest and most splendid origin of the Earth itself and in all its manifestations: plants, minerals, feathers, aromas, the voice.

Maria’s teachings are based on mystery and trust, firmness of purpose, devotion to the elements and, above all, love for Life and the Ancestors that come to bring advice and memories of how to honor the existence and direct the personal path of each one towards a state of greater satisfaction.


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