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Love is all we SING


Musician | Medicine Woman | Vocal artist | Lover of life

Laor is a leading voice in the medicine music universe and her songs are sung and played in many sacred circles and ceremonial music events around the globe.

She is a world known Medicine woman who brings a deep work of heart and mind healing with a passion to bring us back home to our beings. She has been leading Medicine ceremonies for the last 15 years in Spain, England, Switzerland, Germany, Costa Rica, Israel, and Italy.

Laor has been researching the power of the human voice for the last 20 years. Her journey began in theatre, music and yoga and later she has embarked on a life sailing through the oceans of consciousness, medicine ceremonies and the creation of divine music and songs which help human beings around the world to find great healing, freedom, and a deeper understanding of their souls and purpose.

Laor leads sacred circles, vocal-breath journeys and ceremonial concerts worldwide.
Her voice is a unique instrument that brings warmth, depth and a new sense of celebration and colours unified within our human emotions and pure love.

Gathering with Laor is a unique, awakening, inspiring and a one of a kind experience that touches the depth of our souls and beings. Laor’s ability to inspire people to sing is a rare gift to our beings. Laor is truly a trubadoress of love, song and prayer in these unique times we live in.


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