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Benjamin and Anne Marie

Benjamin and Anne Marie

La Pachamama | Organic Kitchen & Garden

Benjamin and Anne Marie are specialized in providing clean, nourishing food that supports the kind of transformational work that takes place during retreats – from the inside out.

Our food is predominantly vegan and every dish is freshly prepared with 100% organic, seasonal ingredients. If using eggs, they come from happy chickens. We don’t use any wheat but prefer to work with a variety of other whole grains, including ancient grains such as teff. And sugar does not enter our kitchen at all. Instead, we sparingly use natural sweeteners, such as wild honey, maple syrup, and dates. We’re in love with live foods, raw chocolate, smoothies, sprouting and fermenting!

Not only do we make sure that every single meal contains a huge variety of balanced nutrients, we also put a lot of love in every single dish. We take pride in presenting ‘Instagram-worthy’ buffets that are a feast not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes.

We feel comfortable catering for every kind of retreat participant, knowing that they will feel satisfied and inspired by our food: people already eating a clean yogic diet in their daily life, those with special dietary requirements, as well as those who really love their meat and are happy to discover they didn’t miss having it at all!


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